Kohn-Acted – The Answer (The Deep House Mixes)



  1. The Answer (Vincent Kwok Antwort Mix)
  2. The Answer (Vincent Kwok Antwort Instrumental)
  3. The Answer (Satoshi Fumi Remix)
  4. The Answer (Satoshi Fumi Dub)
  5. The Answer (Satoshi Fumi Instrumental)
  6. The Answer (Haldo Deep Mix)
  7. The Answer (Haldo Latinhouse Mix)
  8. The Answer (Brazilian Soul Crew Remix)
  9. The Answer (Brazilian Soul Crew Instrumental)
  10. The Answer (Colors Sound System Remix)
  11. The Answer (Clelia Felix Remix)

Album Reviews

Kohn-Acted are Henri Kohn (Conya Records A&R, In The Zone Music), Anna-Patrycja Kohn aka Miss Ann-P (In The Zone Music, Germany) & Vincent Kwok (San Francisco) In summer 2010 Vincent Kwok, Miss Ann-P and Henri Kohn met during a gig in Calabria, Italy and as the chemistry between was right, or to quote Vincent Kwok: erste Sahne, the project Kohn-Acted was born. The first Kohn-Acted single is The Answer, which was written together by Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn and expresses a deeper love. The intention behind the song certainly also addresses to many other aspects of life.
The remixes were done by close friends of the family: San Francisco deep house heavyweight Vincent Kwok delivers his stunning Antwort Mix and a instrumental for the hardworking jocks on top. Tokyo´s finest Satoshi Fumi delivers raw mixes, including dub and instrumental, our main man from Rome Haldo goes deep and the latin way, while our hommies from the Brazilian Soul Crew grooving it the brazilian way. Colors Sound System, also from Brazil, deliver a full live jam of The Answer. Last but not least comes Clelia Felix from France with a beautiful laidback interpretation of the song.
House is a Healer for sure!

Aki Bergen (Italy)
Really into the Brazilian Soul Crew mxs! Also the whole pack is great, thank you! :)

Marques Wyatt (Deep – Los Angeles)
Diggin it!

Grant Nelson (UK)
Really like this, cheers! Vincent Kwok is my fav.

Andy Ward (Soul Central, UK)
Vincent Kwok Antwort for me

Michel Cleis (CH)
Downloading. Thank you.

Alfred Azzetto (Purple Music, ITL)
Nice One!
thx so much i will play it out

Edground (Sao Paolo)
Loving all mixes !!!

Simone Vitullo (Italy)
nice release!

DJ Bee (Loca FM, Madrid)
Satoshi Fumi remixes for me. Special, sweet and perfect for my people.
Full Support

Markie Gee (NYC –
Stelllar mixes abound, especially Haldo's latinhouse "pass the mojito"jam and Vincent Kwok always sublime work. Full on support!!

Russell Deeks (IDJ Magazine, UK)
Nice to hear from Conya again, it's been ages! This is top-notch stuff as well - full support

Mr Mike (CH)
really nice package. will support. Thanks.

Pierre Ravan (Dubai)
another meanigful Deep house Cookie from Qualitynhouse team...Satoshi Dub doest it for me...KaRavan full support

The Disco Boys – Gordon (GER)
I was already waiting for the "was macht eigentlich... henri Kohn" section in stern mag.... But here he is, back with a vengeance, and full support from me!

Rouge FM Radio (CH)
nice pack with really different versions and good and varied remixes
will play it on my next radio show

Bruno from Ibiza (ESP)
lots of remixes to choose

Spirit of House Magazine
Satoshi Fumi is pulling out all the stops on his exquisite deep house mixes...

Mannix (Tillate Magazine UK)
big big package!! Congrats! Mannix