A Drawer Full Of Deep House Vol.3



  1. Ivan Enot - Bonjour Tristesse
  2. Larse & Fish - Mehari
  3. Sinco - Circulate
  4. Bruno Be - A Collective Improvisation
  5. Pat Lezizmo with Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn – Funk Me
  6. Sisio - New Life
  7. Leach & Lezizmo - Autumn Rain
  8. Henri Kohn – House
  9. Rock Sucks – Surrender
  10. Manuel Tur - Multiverse
  11. Gianluca Pighi ft Robert Owens - Black Man (Deep SoulMix)
  12. Brazilian Soul Crew - Brazilian Soul
  13. Tarek & Ramirez - Blind Vision
  14. Rassek – Riders On The Storm
  15. Jay West – Connected To You
  16. Pierre Ravan & Spin Science – Eyes Should Be Washed (Dub)
  17. Jay Tripwire - One (Airgroove)
  18. Mikita & Juerga - Meet U There (Milkwish Remix)
  19. Kohn-Acted - TheAnswer (Vincent Kwok Antwort Mix)
  20. Stereo For Two - Disco Dasco
  21. Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P – Rhythm (Alfred Azzetto & Christian Hornbostel Dub Mix)
  22. Kidcult - Life Serious (Kidcult House Mix)
  23. Matthew Bandy & Jevne ft Fourfeet - Living In My Future (Manuel Tur Remix)
  24. Benbo & Tide Mark - Voices (In My House) (Alan Russell Remix)




Album Reviews

some quotes from the big guys:
Marques Wyatt (Deep, LA)
Orde Meikle (Slam/Soma, UK)
coolgrooves - will spin thanx guys
Pierre Ravan (Pacha, Dubai)
One of myfavorite compilations that Henri is doing with quality music...full support
DJ Pippi (Ibiza)
Cool Deep House
Nick Holder (DNH Records, CAN)
This is nice and deep
Edground (Brazilian Soul Crew, Sao Paolo)
Lots of good music here. Full support.
Glenn (House Afrika, SA)
sneaky! very subtle.
Ibiza Sonica Radio, Igor (ESP)
great stuff. will promote it.
Vinny daVinci (SA)
Quality release.......