A Drawer Full Of Deep House Vol.4



  1. Martin Brodin - Diskko
  2. S. Static pres. Stellarplex - Another Virtual Sex
  3. AnthonyAnthony - Glamour Girls Find Latex Sexy
  4. Djuma Soundsystem - Soma
  5. Mr. Panda - Late Night Subway (with Yuriy From Russia)
  6. Stereo For Two - Strandbar (Sven Van Hees Remix)
  7. Jay Tripwire - Hear Me Butterfly
  8. Pat Lezizmo - In Transit (Echonomist Mpc3k Remix)
  9. Rassek - Riders On The Storm (RedDub Remix)
  10. Maxim Lany - Late & See
  11. Bruno Be - Hard to Find
  12. Miss Mee - Walking in Rosemont
  13. Pat Lezizmo - Redlights (Marcello Giordani Remix)
  14. Flapjackers - Let It Go
  15. DJ Bee - Searchin (Hurlee Remix)
  16. Larse - My Mind
  17. Manuel Tur - Strayed Socks
  18. Pierre Ravan & Spin Science - Eyes Should Be Washed (Rocco TekDeep Mix)
  19. Rawdio - Abnormalities
  20. Demarkus Lewis ft Red Eye - Red Planet Funk (Main)
  21. Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P - Rhythm (Haldo Deep Deep Mix)
  22. Kelvin K - Ninety Two
  23. Brazilian Soul Crew - Brazilian Soul (Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix)
  24. Estroe, Sebastian Davidson - Swabian Pancakes (Estroes Raisins Remix)

Album Reviews

In the beginning it was all house music, some people even called house music techno. It was about getting together and having a good time to quality music,
far away from the pop charts. Nowadays house music has become a million dollar industry and there are hundreds of different styles in this genre of electronic dance music. At the moment even some people out there try to give a fake meaning to Deep House. Still it is useless to pigeonhole music, because there is only good and bad music. We at Conya Records thought we should open our drawer full of deep house music once again. After the success of the 3 previous volumes we now bring you "A DRAWER FULL OF DEEP HOUSE VOL.4.". It contains 24 tracks from the label in one album. True deep house music that will rub your soul and move your feet! The album features tracks and remixes by heavyweights of the (deep) house genre like Jay Tripwire, Sven Van Hees, Djuma Soundsystem, Manuel Tur, Rocco, Echonomist, Larse, Demarkus Lewis, Brazilian Soul Crew and Can7. Furthermore artists like Bruno Be, Pierre Ravan & Spin Science, Estroe, Sebastian Davidson, Pat Lezizmo with Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn, Stereo For Two, Maxim Lany, Rawdio, Kelvin K and many others
are on this compilation. True (deep) house music comes from the heart and touches the soul! We hope you will enjoy our "A DRAWER FULL OF DEEP HOUSE VOL.4" –it is compiled by Henri Kohn, who is the A&R of Conya Records.