Brazilian Soul Crew – Brazilian Soul (Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix)



  1. Brazilian Soul Crew - Brazilian Soul (Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix)



Album Reviews

Rob Wunderman (Max Trax, Grei Matter, King Street, NYC)
it is all that and more. I am really diggin' the A1 CAN7 & HENRI KOHN MIX.
Really love the vibe Henri.

Demarkus Lewis (Grin Music, Dallas)
very nice release.. and damn if this s your first production then the future is sooo bright for you.. i love the dubbed out vibe bro.. by far my fav mix of the bunch.. that haldo mix cuts off in the middle as well. Well done sir

Kaje (Trackheadz, Canada)
Thanks for the hookup!
Lovely tune. Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix, Pure class.
Quality tune with very fine remixes, great package all 'round

Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote/Guess, UK)
Quality release!!! With the exception of the Lunar Deep mix (my least favourite) they'll all get played!! Full support from the Duffnote/Guess camp.

Keith Thompson (Break4Love, Waking Monster Media,USA)
Like the Lunatic Deep remix alot. will be playing it in my December radio.

Erik Schneider (Giant Step, NYC)
Nice work! All these tracks are cool. I"m feeling the Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix and the Lunatic mix the best. The original is great too.
I hope this one is a success!

Pierre Ravan (Karavan, Dubai)
Congrats!!!!! Lovely Release!!!! Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix is very good! J

Manuel Tur (Freerange,Compost Records, Germany)
Yo, my fav is the A1 mix. Solid production!

Nick Holder (DNH, NRK)
track is cool, not sure what mix i played on my radio show.

DJ Electric (Moscow, Kiss FM/Ukraine)
Conya023 A1 Brazilian Soul Crew - Brazilian Soul CAN7 & HENRI KOHN MIX is for me !
vocal is on the groove ! its amazing

Harley & Muscle (Soulstar, Milano)
WOW!... Compliments!

Erik Rug (France)
i quite like A1 mix...its a cool brazilian love affair..
thanx for keeping me posted with your stuff..

Jay Tripwire (US)
shits dope dude.
nice stuff fer sure..
Brazilian soul courtesy of the Brazilian Soul Crew comes straight from the Brazilian summer to you (yes, they do have summer there right now), bringing warm and summery vibes to the dance floor. Their original is an uplifting affair featuring wonderful melodies over a percussive deep house groove. Italy's Haldo gives the track a smooth and laidback rendition featuring magnificent chords, while Jota Wagner takes the track to deeper, slightly techy grounds on his 'Lunatic Deep Remix'. Lastly, Can 7 & Henri Kohn contribute a remix that reworks the track into a completely new deep house track.