Candle Lounge Vol. 2



  1. Christoph Spendel Trio - My Romance
  2. Aandra - Green Tea Feat. Ayako Higuchi
  3. Lemongrass - Harmony
  4. Sinan Mercenk - Galata Couture
  5. Chad - Soul Breathe
  6. Smooth Deluxe - Mexico (Faris AL-Hassoni Mix)
  7. Boot Cut Rockers - Deep In Our Heart
  8. Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle (TJK Edit)
  9. Paolo Sanchez - See It In Your Eyes (Radio Mix)
  10. Moreza - Amor
  11. Eddie Silverton - Tango Without Salt
  12. Compton feat. Kafele - Somebody Elses Dream
  13. Sunlightsquare feat. Tasita D’Mour - Heaven Only Knows (Wave Mix)
  14. Omar feat. Stevie Wonder - Feeling You
  15. Polished Chrome - Desire
  16. Naoki Kenji - Shizuka
  17. Alien Cafe - Sacred Mountain
  18. Marga Sol - French Kiss
  19. Tango Conspiracy - Malevo
  20. Night Cruzer - The Nightcruise
  21. Slow Motion Replay - Aqua
  22. Nacho Sotomayor - It's Not Gravitation
  23. Chromatic Filters - Spyro Evo (Original Mix)
  24. Carlos Cervilla - GettingLight (Original Mix)
  25. Larse & Fish - Pez Gordo
  26. Martin Denev feat. Colonel Red - All Of Us
  27. Clelia Felix - Freedom
  28. Ivan Enot - Bonjour Tristesse (Latecomer Mix)
  29. Kohn-Acted - The Answer (Clelia Felix Remix)

Album Reviews

Candle Lounge Vol. 2
Emotional & sensual grooves
compiled & smoothly mixed by Henri Kohn
We proudly present the second edition of Candle Lounge. The double compilation “Candle Lounge Vol.2” ” keeps the aesthetic and laidback promise it makes on the outside. You can safely close your eyes, or let them be blindfolded and dive into the music to escape from the outside world.
Over 140 minutes of joyful relaxation are guaranteed. CD1 begins unplugged with the romantic song „My Romance“ and lets you dive deeper into the dreamy piano melodies of „Green Tea“ afterwards. Harmonic melodies by Lemongrass and Sinan Mercenk follow. Chad gives space to let your soul breath, before Smooth Deluxe lets the heat of Mexico flatter through your speakers. The Boot Cut Rockers let melodies out of the depth of their hearts,
followed by the brand-new KJK Lounge edit of the global hit single by the Wamdue Project: „King of my Castle“. Paolo Sanchez is on CD1 with his futuristic ballad „See it in your eyes“, as well as crackling flamenco & tango rhythms by artists like Moreza and Eddie Silverton. The deep house veteran Andy Compton is with his Compton project on board, together with the singer Kafele from South Africa and the yet unreleased Wave mix of “Heaven only knows” by Sunlightsquare feat. Tasita D’Mour can be also found on this cd. Last but not least UK soul legend Omar meets the legendary Stevie Wonder.
CD 2 keeps the laidback vibe and should pleasure you during candle light dinners, in your living- or bath- room, or wherever you feel like letting yourself go in a sophisticated way. The silver disc starts of desirous with „Desire“ by Polished Chrome, followed by songs of artists like Naoki Kenji, Alien Café, Marga Sol and
Tango Conspiracy. Night Cruzer take us into the depth of the night, Nacho Sotomayor bringst feelings into the musical world of gravitation,
followed by balearic tunes by Chromatic Filters, Carlos Cervilla and Larse & Fish. Martin Denev and Colonel Red sprinkle a dash of soul into the Candle Lounge, before Clelia Felix preaches thoughts of freedom. Afterwards Ivan Enot takes the guests of the Candle Lounge into even more deeper spheres. At the end of CD2 you will find the Clelia Felix remix of the love anthem „The Answer“ by Kohn-Acted. It is indeed possible that you want to dance to this anthem.
Candle Lounge Vol.2 brings you more then 140 minutes acoustic relaxation.
Let the power of music seduce you. Enjoy!