Candle Lounge Vol. 3


  1. Alex Barck & Jonatan Bäckelie - Doubter
  2. IKON - Hazy Days
  3. Immaculate Ibiza - Love Shell
  4. Thomas Lemmer - Through My Father's Eyes
  5. Kraak & Smaak - The Future is Yours (Adriatique Illusion Rework)
  6. Play Me Now - I Need Your Love (Acoustic Version)
  7. Massivan - Aetiem
  8. Lemongrass - Poetry Without Words
  9. Josete Ordoñez - Piedras Y Rosas (Blank & Jones Balearic Relax Remix)
  10. Levthand - Shades Of Grey feat. Mista Good
  11. Pat Lezizmo - Open Wide
  12. Double Yellow - Human Everyday (The Dirty Word Remix)
  13. Polished Chrome - Rosebud
  14. PhonkworX - Looking For Mr Candlelight
  15. Peshay - Daydreaming
  16. Studnitzky - Grandola (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix)
  17. Stephen Lopkin - Wee Jock
  18. Weathertunes - Wide View
  19. Guenter Haas - 1st Floor Lobby
  20. The Diventa Project - Devil Call An Angel (Mazelo Nostra Mix
  21. The Brand New Heavies - Café Luxe
  22. DJ Ermi - Movin In A Urban Jungle
  23. Blaktroniks - Hoping
  24. Benbo and Tide Mark - Voices (In My House)
  25. Enigmatic - Skyline
  26. Clelia Felix - The Golden Sun
  27. Supernova - Morning's Vibrations
  28. Simon Le Grec - Dimitri Wherever U Are (Cosmos Mix)
  29. Ganga - Aura
  30. Martin Brodin - On The Island
  31. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Jazz Face (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)
  32. Chilani - No Wrong

Album Reviews

We proudly present the third edition of Candle Lounge. The double compilation “Candle Lounge Vol.3” keeps the aesthetic and laidback promise it makes on the outside. You can safely close your eyes, or let them be blindfolded and dive into the music to escape from the outside world. Over 140 minutes of joyful relaxation are guaranteed. The compilation was compiled and smoothly mixed by Henri Kohn, approved master of laidback grooves, who will certainly bring you into the relaxation zone with these two CDs. CD1 begins deeply melancholic with Alex Barck & Jonatan Bäckelie´s “Doubter” and lets you dive deeper into the dreamy piano melodies of “Hazy Days” afterwards. The musical journey takes us on the magic White Island Ibiza, with the Balearic “Love Shell” and keeps the relaxation with “Through My Father's Eyes” by Thomas Lemmer. The Dutch super combo Kraak & Smaak is on this disk with the beautiful “Adriatique Illusion Rework” of “The Future is Yours”. The acoustic bliss of “I Need Your Love “ by Play Me Now, with the voice of Miss Ann-P comes next, followed by harmonic melodies from Massivan, Lemongrass and the epic “Blank & Jones Balearic Relax Remix” of Josete Ordoñez´s “Piedras Y Rosas”. Senior Levthand´s and Mista Good´s “Shades Of Grey” is on board, as well as songs from artists like Pat Lezizmo, Double Yellow and Polished Chrome. PhonkworX are “Looking For Mr Candlelight”, Peshay´s laidback funk jam “Daydreaming” lets you do the same, while the outstanding Paskal & Urban Absolutes Remix of “Grandola” by Studnitzky focuses a bit more on the dreams you have at night. CD 2 keeps the laidback vibe and should pleasure you during candle light dinners, in your living- or bath- room, or wherever you feel like letting yourself go in a sophisticated way. The silver disc starts of with the schmoozing “Wee Jock” by Stephen Lopkin, followed by songs of artists like Weathertunes, Guenter Haas, The Diventa Project, DJ Ermi, Benbo and Tide Mark, Enigmatic, Clelia Felix and the Blaktroniks of Tokyo Dawn fame, with a laidback R&B love jam. The British Acid-Jazz-/Funk legends The Brand New Heavies are on this silver disk, as well as Italian House lords Supernova with a Chill Out tune. Simon Le Grec takes us into higher spheres of the cosmos, followed by the Danish guys from Ganga with “Aura “ and the Swede Martin Brodin with “On The Island”. Afterwards Kirk Degiorgio and the Ambient Jazz Ensemble take the guests of the Candle Lounge into even more deeper, jazzy spheres. At the end of CD2 you will find Chilani´s “No Wrong”. No, it is not wrong to dance just a tiny bit to this. Candle Lounge Vol.3 brings you more then 140 minutes acoustic relaxation. Let the power of music seduce you. Enjoy!