CLUBSTAR SESSION – 10th Anniversary (3CD)


  1. Koyla Feat. Jrod Indigo - Promise Land
  2. DJ Electric feat. Simone de Nauw - Sunline
  3. Nufrequency feat. Shara Nelson - Go That Deep (Charles Webster Remix)
  4. Alex Douche - Minor Mode
  5. Brazilian Soul Crew - Eu Soul
  6. Osunlade - My Reflection
  7. Gyasi - The Dance (Lars Behrenroth Remix / Jojo Flores Edit)
  8. Paulo Rocha – Dreamwalker (Dancing In Our Sleep Mix) + additional accapella of Jarrier Modrow feat. Casamena - Rare Soul
  9. Rachel Claudio – Freedom (Halo & Jamie Thinnes Revisited Main)
  10. Harley & Muscle feat. Byron Stingly - My Friend (Franky Boissy Remix)
  11. MFR feat. D´Layna - The One (Haldos Club Mix)
  12. This Is Rhythm feat. Kathleen Willeson - This Is Rhythm (Timmy Vegas Remix)
  13. Gianluca Pighi feat. Robert Owens - Black Man
  14. Knee Deep – Nightwaves (KD Original Mix)
  15. Chuck Love - Yellow Truth (Random Soul’s “Acid Wash Remix)
  16. Blaze - Do You Remember House (Wipe The Needle Remix)
  17. Urban Soul - Alright (Jay Shepheard & Russell Davies Main Mix)
  18. Lisa Shaw - All Night High (Miguel Migs Salted Vocal)
  19. Groove Armada - Love Sweet Sound
  20. Mike Monday - I Dream of Ducks
  21. Hoxton Whores - Numerology
  22. Per QX feat Crystal - Yes!
  23. Basstoy feat. Dana Devine - Turn It Up (Club Mix)
  24. Martin Solveig - C’ Est la Vie (Fedde vs. Martin Club Mix)
  25. Chris Lake & Sébastien Léger - Word
  26. Supernova feat. Ania J. – Dude (Farfa Remix)
  27. Acquaviva & Zenker - Swimming With Sharks (Noir ReEdit)
  28. Sven Väth - Beauty & The Beast (Eric Prydz Re-Edit)
  29. Klatsch! - God Save The Queer
  30. Eddie Amador - House Music (Deep Dish Body & Soul Remix)
  31. Matthew Bandy & Jevne feat. Fourfeet - Living In My Future (Manuel Tur Remix)
  32. Ralf Gum feat. Diamondancer - All This Love For You (Rocco Main Mix)
  33. Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Shogun (Jimpster Remix)
  34. Shur-I-Kan - Gripper
  35. Scope - Lost On Collins
  36. Kabale und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah (Loco Dice Tribute Remix)
  37. Beanfield feat. Bajka - Tides (Ripperton Remix)
  38. Chymera - 2 Below
  39. Jerome Sydenham and Tiger Stripes - Elevation (Radio Slave's One More Kiss Remix)
  40. Jona - Manta
  41. Catrat feat. Yah Meek - Freedom (Jay Haze Main Mix)
  42. Quadrant - Infinition
  43. Jamie Anderson feat. Marlek Alexander - Sunlight
  44. Jay Tripwire - Hear Me,Butterfly

Album Reviews

Are you ready for the summer? We are celebrating our 10th anniversary from now till the end of the year and that is why we wanted to bring the joy of house music to our fans and friends with a special treat. After releasing over 120 singles in the last decade on our Clubstar, Conya, Soulstar and Little Angel labels (by artists like Jamie Lewis, DJ Pippi, DJ Antoine, Robbie Rivera, Stereo Mutants, Per QX, Demarkus Lewis, Luckystars, Jay Tripwire, Manuel Tur, Matt Bandy & Jevne, Jay-J, Gregory del Piero, Harley & Muscle and so on) and more than 200 cd compilations (for clubs like In Bed with Space, with artists like Louis Benedetti, Jon Cutler, Bini & Martini, John Aquaviva and labels like Housworks, Purple Music and Transport) our idea was to deliver you a stunning triple cd compilation for the price of a double cd. The aim was to capture the whole range of proper house music that we are into. Each cd of the “10th Anniversary Clubstar Session” features a certain house style. CD1, The Smooth Beachness, is perfect for your pool or beach party or proper siesta lounging. It starts of the russian way with the beauty of a house song “Promise Land” by Koyla feat. Jrod Indigo, next up is Clubstar´s own DJ Electric from Deepology (Moscow) with Simone de Nauw on the vocals, the stunning Charles Webster mix of Nufrequency´s “Go That Deep” is talked about as one of this years house songs and the Conya act Alex Douche shows again, that Russia is definitely on the house map nowadays. Then the holy house bridge is build to Brazil where our hommies from the Brazilian Soul Crew (Conya/Grooveland Records) deliver bigtime with “Eu soul”. Osunlade´s future classic “My Reflection” is on board, aswell as “The Dance” on Lars Behrenroth´s Deeper Shades label in a stunning Jojo Flores edit, Black Vinyl´s summernight evergreen “Dreamwalker” can´t be missing and furthermore there are tracks by our artists and friends like Harley & Muscle feat. Byron Stingly (Soulstar), MFR feat. D´Layna (Haldo Remix) and Knee Deep.
The lady magnetizer “This is rhythm” is on this silverdisc and as we wanted to be sure that you´d get the healing message of house, so we´ve also included “Freedom” by Rachel Claudio (Halo & Jamie Thinnes Remix) and the yet unreleased Conya single “Black Man” sung by Robert Owens. Of course the last song by Chuck Love also has a deeper meaning. CD2, The Big Roomness, is a journey through house music and is addressing to the big rooms and the peaktime of a clubnight. Starting off with the mighty anthem by New Jersey´s finest Blaze in a modern remix and followed by the futuristic new remix of Urban Soul´s house classic “Alright” (the original is older than a decade by the way), you can then dive into the happiness of Lisa Shaw´s brand new smash “All night long”, that has been remixed by the don of the bay area house sound Miguel Migs. Clubhits, that are climbing all international dancecharts, like Groove Armada´s “Love sweet sound”, Martin Solveig´s “C´est la vie” (Fedde le Grand Remix), Chris Lake & Sébastien Léger´s “Word” can be found on this cd, aswell as tracks by Mike Monday, Hoxton Whores, Basstoy feat. Dana Devine and Per QX´s yet unreleased future-retro banger “Yes!”. John Acquaviva & Ramon Zenker and Sven Väth (Eric Prydz Edit) prove that even techno is house to us. Klatsch!´s “God save the queer”, which is also more than a decade old -but still up to date- is on this disc and also Deep Dish´s remix of one of the biggest tunes from the 90s “House Music”, by Eddie Amador. CD3, The Eternal Deepness, represents the more electronic, deeper kind of house sound. It is perfect for the morning hours, but you should decide yourself when you want to use this secret weapon. The disc kicks of with one of our Conya Records singles, that has a deeper meaning to us. Matthew Bandy & Jevne feat Fourfeet demonstrate that house is our freedom and our future. The deepness is delivered by Manuel Tur who is in charge of this remix. Lyon´s Rocco delivers the mindblowing remix of Ralf Gum feat. Diamondancer´s “All This Love For You”. Not only the vocals made this track a must have for our 10th anniversary compilation. Funkagenda & Mark Knight´s “Shogun” (Jimpster Remix) had to be on this disc, as well as Scope and Shur-I-Kan. The Überhits “Manta” by Jona and Radio Slave's One More Kiss Remix of Jerome Sydenham and Tiger Stripes´s “Elevation” are included in the tracklisting and also the highflying beauties by Chymera and Beanfield feat. Bajka. Even a so called minimal track is on board, “Mumbling Yeah” (Loco Dice Edit), but to prove that even that genre is house to us we included the Quadrant classic “Infinition“ from 1993. This track was minimal before there was minimal and was produced by non other than Moritz von Oswald who some of you might know better under his Maurizio/Basic Channel alias. Catrat´s “Freedom” (Jay Haze Remix) keeps it the dub way and spreads some rasta love on this electronic disc, while Jamie Anderson preaches, that sunlight will save the day and Jay Tripwire prays for long nights the cinematic way. All three discs were compiled and mixed live by Clubstar & Conya Records A&R Henri Kohn, who is also the man behind the “Clubstar Session – In the Zone with Henri Kohn” radio show, that is broadcasted on stations like Ibiza Global Radio and DV.FM in Denmark. As you can hear he breathes house and won´t limitate himself to only one subgenre. Only killers - no fillers was his thinking on this compilation. We save us the whole back in the days and one family talk now for our 25th anniversary, but deeply hope that you will enjoy and feel the whole range of house music. You can be the difference and keep the uniting force of house and help saving the planet through dancing. There will also be a “Clubstar 10th Anniversary” clubtour with gigs in the UK, Brazil, USA, Mexico, South Africa, the Baleares, Italy, Holland and on and on. Of course there will be also be digital download compilation specials this year, which will focus more on the single releases of our label family, but for now, enjoy the music so that we can get back to keeping the house.