Clubstar Session 2012 – CD1 (Compiled by Henri Kohn)



  1. Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P - Feel Free (Ciappy DJ & Black South Remix)
  2. Jetro - I'm Here To Party
  3. Cevin Fisher - The Séance
  4. Ministers De La Funk (Erick Morillo, Harry Romero, Jose Nunez) - Gravy
  5. Big Black Boot - Vibrate (Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins Tech Funk Mix)
  6. Will Gold - Drag & Drop
  7. Nicolas Vautier ft Madani Braïk - Split (Dan Martin Dub Remix)
  8. Dabruck & Klein feat. Ollie James - I Found Love
  9. Tonka - Aliens & Earthlings
  10. Kohn-Acted - The Answer (Extended Mix)
  11. ATFC & David Penn - La Verdad (Sentimiento) (Madrid Mix)
  12. Martin Villeneuve - Throw Your Hands Up
  13. Chocolate Puma - I Wanna Be U (Chocolate Puma Rework)
  14. Larse - So Long



Album Reviews

The mighty german Clubstar label is back with its next edition of the Clubstar Session series. Right in time for the spring break and summer season comes the Clubstar Session 2012. Since 14 years Clubstar is living and preaching house music now and besides almost hundred single releases and several hundred compilations Clubstar is still keeping it real, but also has an ear for the new styles of house and the new generation. The double compilation Clubstar Session 2012 compilation brings the old and new school of the music we love together. CD1 is compiled and mixed by Clubstar A&R Henri Kohn. He drops tunes by veterans of the scene like Cevin Fisher, Erick Morillo, Harry Romero, Jose Nunez (all from New York City), Tonka (who is definitely back), ATFC & David Penn and the Chocolate Puma guys from Holland, who already caused dancefloor mayhem back in the 90s under their DJ Zki & Dobre ego. German peaktime house dons Dabruck & Klein are on board as well as german deep house shooting star Larse. Furthermore tracks by Martin Villeneuve, Nicolas Vautier ft Madani Braïk, Will Gold and others are on board. The mix is straight forward with a certain kind of oldschool flavour and reminiscing of the good old days of house music. The disc also features the brand new DJ Ciappy & Black South remix of Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P - Feel Free and the unreleased hit single of the Kohn-Acted project (Henri Kohn, Miss Ann-P, Vincent Kwok) the "Answer". The double cd compilation Clubstar Session 2012 supplies you with the sound that you will need for an enthusiastic pre-, peaktime -, or after-party. It´s up to you, because it is your house music!