Fashion House No2 – Dubai Edition



  1. Halo & Kemal Feat. Michelle Weeks - Come together
  2. Ekayani & The Tom Glide Spac - Money To Burn
  3. Soulmagic - New Dimension
  4. Back To Fundamentals by Miamik - Insatiable
  5. Vasili Gavre ft EMME - Do You Have A Girlfriend (Justin Michael Hermosa Mix)
  6. Ronan ft Morrisson - Funky Thing (Jay-J's Shifted Up Remix)
  7. Tj Cases ft.Yvonne - Fragile (Tj Cases Main Mix)
  8. Remady P&R - No Superstar (Toni Granello & Grooveprofessor Funky Room Mix)
  9. Marco Petralia ft Jimmie Wilson - Gettin’ Deep (Baggi Begovic Remix)
  10. Kraak & Smaak ft Bobby Nio - Plastic People (Prok & Fitch Remix)
  11. Various Artists - Make It Alright vs. Keep On (Léo Cuenca Mash Up)
  12. Shakedown - At Night (Seamus Haji Remix)
  13. Sharon Pass & Greg Gibbs - Call My Name (Shik Stylko Remix)
  14. Daddy’s Groove vs. Little Mark - Violin Theme (Instrumental Mix)
  15. Soda Inc. - Night Fever
  16. Morcheeba - Enjoy The Ride (Silver Saver Mix)
  17. Nils Nürnberg - Caught In A Glimpse
  18. Jay Tripwire - No Choice
  19. Replika - Real Thang (Manuel Tur Remix)
  20. Cloud Kickers feat. Marcus - Bring On The Night (Rocco TroDeep Remix)
  21. Osunlade - Momma`s Groove (Jimpster`s Slipped Disc Mix)
  22. Sebo K. - Diva
  23. Sebastian Davidson - La Musique L'Amour (Daniel Kyo Remix)
  24. Motorcitysoul feat. Ovasoul 7 - Change You (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
  25. D’julz – Sulo (Manuel Tur Remix)
  26. Alexander East - Believe En Me (Johnny Dangerous Reprint)
  27. Shur-i-kan - Jingle Jangle
  28. Jagged - Hello Kool Nice (Quarion Remix)
  29. Lovebirds – Gentle (Ian Pooley Remix)
  30. Agoria feat. Scalde – Dust (Rocco Vision Mix)

Album Reviews

Here comes the second part of the series called “Fashion House”. These double compilations focus on the fashion metropolises of the world and
on the contemporary house sound and is addressing to supermodels, super lovers, fashion victims, dancers and loungers. After the first edition that aimed to Milano, the journey goes to the fashion and party mecca in the desert: Dubai. CD1 “The Party Oasis´”, hosts the current bigroom sound. The musical journey begins with the anthem by Halo, Kemal & Michelle Weeks “Come together”, afterwards Ekayani sings about the useful handling of money, before the danes from Soulmagic fire us into a new dimension. The club hit „Insatiable“ by Miamik (Llorca) is on this silver disc, as well as TJ Cases „Fragile“ and the Baggi Begovic remix of „Gettin Deep“. Furthermore productions & remixes by acts like Justin Michael, Jay-J, Kraak & Smaak, Prok & Fitch, Shik Stylko & Daddy´s Groove are on board. Also the Seamus Haji remix of Shakedown´s evergreen „At Night“ and the ladykiller „Night Fever“ by Soda Inc are on the Party Oasis.
CD “The Desert Deepness” is the deep house side, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach or pool, or for those fashion cocktail parties. It kicks of with Morcheeba´s „Enjoy the Ride“ and is meant as invitation. Hits like Sebo K´s „Diva“, Motorcitysoul´s “Change You” and the Jimpster remix of Osunlade´s “Momma´s Groove” are united on CD2, as well as deep pearls by Jay Tripwire, Nils Nürnberg and Replika. Furthermore the classic “Bring On The Night” by Cloudkickers is on this disc and also remixes by Manuel Tur, Johnny Dangerous and Quarion. Shur-I-Kan´s single „Jingle Jangle” is featured and also Ian Pooley´s remix of Lovebirds “Gentle“, Daniel Kyo´s remix of Sebastian Davidson´s “La Musique L´Amour” and the Rocco remix of Agoria´s “Dust”.
The double compilation is a non-stop DJ mix by Clubstar A&R Henri Kohn, who is obviously able to make super models dance all over the world.
Enjoy the music !