Golden Lounge 2


  1. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Quiet Hero
  2. Sven Van Hees - Why Kiki Waves
  3. Van - Enchantment Costa De La Luz
  4. Smoove & Turrell - Broken Toys
  5. BoogieLab - Rakim
  6. Daniel Grau - Nunca Conoci Amor Igual (Fallen) (Original from 440 Torker 1983)
  7. Chris Coco - Riviera
  8. PNFA - Roots
  9. Johannes Huppertz - Seventh House Session
  10. Florzinho - Let Us Build Our Dreams On Love feat. Al Campbell & Madeevah
  11. Sambox - Keep Love
  12. Loopez - Start From Scratch (Devtone Remix)
  13. Savages - Sunset Theme
  14. Wiki & Oneplus - Cycles feat. Nik
  15. Soulstice - Fall Into You
  16. Bob Moses - Val
  17. Anthony Nicholson & Jaidene Veda feat. Ursula Rucker - When
  18. Van Bellen - Nightfall
  19. Michael e - Tuesday Child
  20. Lost Midas - Love Undone feat.Taylor O’Donnel
  21. BassBoy Wonder - Rhubarb & Custard
  22. Jens Buchert - Raumhafen
  23. Clelia Felix - I'll Be Right Here
  24. Diggs Duke - The Pinnacle (of Class and Taste)
  25. Pat Lezizmo - Market Fever (Enigmatic Remix)
  26. Schwarz & Funk - Late Back (Kay Fischer Sax Mix)
  27. Belabouche - Mysterious Vibes (Belabouche Edit)
  28. David Oniani - Good Morning
  29. Marco Pollastro aka Dj Lopo - About Soul
  30. John Parsley - Friends
  31. Mister Woo - Ventilation (Mark E. Remix)
  32. Paskal & Urban Absolutes - Here Again feat. Paul Randolph

Album Reviews

We proudly present the second volume of the lounge compilation series on Clubstar. Here comes the double CD „Golden Lounge 2“.Volume 1 of this series was highly rated by the press and made music lovers all around the globe very happy, in the relaxed way. The music of Volume 2 is once again as extravagant as the design of the album. The colourful spring can turn into a golden summer any time soon! You can safely close your eyes and dive into the music. Over 21/2 hours of musical relaxation are guaranteed. CD1 begins with the epic “Quiet Hero”, a tune that should give you goose bumps in the ideal case. The Belgian veteran of deepness, Sven van Hees, takes us to the beach of Why Kiki before the UK funk experts Smoove & Turrell deliver their vision of deep and soulful groove. BoogieLab will not only give oldschool hiphop heads their laidback moments with “Rakim” and after that Southamerican music legend Daniel Grau enchants your senses with a song from 1983. Songs from artists like Chris Coco, PNFA, Johannes Huppertz follow. Florzinho, together with Al Campbell & Madeevah bring a bit of Reggae flavour onto this golden, silver disk, before Loopez take us back to the shore of the ocean, where you can enjoy a sunset with Savages. Furthermore there are songs by Sambox and Wiki & Oneplus on CD1. It ends with the classic tune from Soulstice, the legendary bay area (San Francisco) project from Andy Caldwell, Gabriel and Gina Rene & Mai-Lwun Yee. The Northamerican super duo Bob Moses delivers with “Val” a dignifying last song. CD 2 keeps the deep relaxation. It begins with outstanding spoken word artist Ursula Rucker, who joined forces with deep house master Anthony Nicholson and the visionary Jaidene Veda. Songs from artists like Van Bellen, Michael e, BassBoy Wonder, Jens Buchert, Clelia Felix, Schwarz & Funk, David Oniani, Marco Pollastro and John Parsley follow. Lost Midas, electrofusion genius from L.A. is on board, as well as soul and jazz sensation Diggs Duke, from the east coast of the USA. The Enigmatic remix of Pat Lezizmo´s “Market Fever” brings us sundrenched Spanish vibes and Belabouche take us on a mysterious, joyful slow funk journey. At the end of the CD2 two deep house slow jams spread the light of musical love. Mark E. delivers an outstanding remix of Mister Woo´s „Ventilation“, followed from German darlings Paskal & Urban Absolutes, who feature the powerful vocals of Jazzanova´s Paul Randolph on “Here Again”. This compilation was compiled and smoothly mixed by Henri Kohn, approved master of laidback grooves. „Golden Lounge“ brings you over 150 minutes acoustic relaxation. May it guide you into a relaxed golden summer and far beyond!