Golden Lounge



  1. Gold Lounge - Don´t Forget
  2. Sunsphere - Beach Wave
  3. Soundset City- Floating Away
  4. Guitamar - Selva Negra
  5. Jazzango - San Miguel
  6. Pino Shamlou - Don't Cast Me In The Shade
  7. Man In A Room - The Confidential
  8. Flamingo Star - Un Poema Con Amor
  9. Jens Buchert - Sweetwood
  10. Nacho Sotomayor - No Limits
  11. No Solution - Inside Is Outside
  12. Johannes Huppertz - @frederun (Original Mix)
  13. Clelia Felix - Balearic Breeze
  14. Villablue feat. Juanita Grande - If I Could Tell You
  15. Afterlife feat. Lovely Laura - Saxophone
  16. Dominik Pointvogl - CoralSuite
  17. Stepo Del Sol - Spanish Jazz
  18. Dave Ross- El Baile Del Rey
  19. Schwarz & Funk - Savannah Sunset
  20. David Oniani - Angel A
  21. Dub Mars - True
  22. Eric Driven - Time Passenger
  23. Artenovum - X Dreams
  24. Haldo - No Market Rules
  25. The Bas Lexter Ensample - Wassup
  26. Hot Toddy - Sometime Last Night
  27. Simon Le Grec feat. Kelly Johnson - Tell Me What Love Can Do
  28. ReUnited - Bibo No Aozora
  29. Chris Coco - Letter From Erika (Electric Zeus After Hours Mix)
  30. Paskal & Urban Absolutes feat. Byron Stingily - Gotta Make ItRight (Slow Digital Mix)

Album Reviews

We proudly present the start of a new lounge compilation series on Clubstar. Here comes the double cd „Golden Lounge“. The music is as extravagant as the design of the album. The golden summer can begin! You can safely close your eyes and dive into the music. Over 21/2 hours of musical relaxation are guaranteed. CD1 begins with the balearic song „Don´t Forget“. Afterwards comes a trip to the beach with „Beach Wave“ by Sunsphere. Guitamar and Jazzango spread more balearic flair. It continues with harmonic melodies by Pino Shamlou and Man In A Room, as well as the tango inspired „Un Poema con Amor“. The songs „Sweetwood“ by Jens Buchert and „No Limits“ by Nacho Sotomayor let your soul breathe. Furthermore there are songs by No Solution, Johannes Huppertz, Clelia Felix and many others on this silver disc. CD1 ends with the midsummer's night dream „Saxophone“ by Afterlife. CD 2 keeps the deep relaxation. It begins with„Coral Suite“ by Dominik Pointvogl, followed by songs of artists like Stepo Del Sol, Dave Ross and Schwarz& Funk. Dub Mars tells a true story and Eric Driven takes us on a time travel into light-heartedness. Followed by a sundowner by Artenovum, sun-funk-ballads
by The Bas Lexter Ensample and Hot Toddy, as well as the 80s inspired tune „Tell Me What Love Can Do“. At the end of the cd there are the two Ibiza anthems
by ReUnited and Chris Coco and the laidback slow house jam „Gotta Make It Right“. „Golden Lounge“ brings you more then 150 minutes acoustic relaxation. May the summer be long and golden!