Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P – Feel Free



  1. Feel Free (Ciappy DJ & Black South Remix)
  2. Feel Free (Vincent Kwok Remix)
  3. Feel Free (Haldo Original Mix)
  4. Feel Free (Haldo Different Mix)
  5. Feel Free (Haldo Funk Mix)
  6. Feel Free (Miguel Garji & Viana Remix)
  7. Feel Free (Summer Brendon Collins Remix)
  8. Feel Free (Chic Bones Dub)
  9. Feel Free (Holde K / Fkgeiger Remix)
  10. Feel Free (Mikita's Clasick Remix)

Album Reviews

Brian Tappert (Soulfuric, US)
Love the Vincent mix :) will support

Grant Nelson (UK)
Yeah I like it! Cheers

Boddhi Satva (Offering)
I will support the Ciappy DJ & Black South Remix.

Mark Farina (USA)
vibing it! Haldo Original Mix for me.

Marques Wyatt (Deep, LA - USA)

Robert Owens (UK)
Haldo Original Mix for me!

Benji Candelario (USA)
Good Yune!!

Edground (Brazilian Soul Crew)
Great song. Love the vibe and groove on Ciappy DJ & Black South Remix. I will play a lot.

Andy Ward (Soul Central, UK)
great package of mixes. loving the label output right now !

Keith Thompson (USA)
Not easy to listen to every mix with such a big package but liking Ciappy and Kwok mixes.
Good luck.

Atjazz (UK)
Summer (Brendon Collins) Remix is the most shake happy version for my. Will support where I can.

Richard Earnshaw (UK)
Vincent Kwok Mix is cool.

Onionz (USA)
Ciappy DJ Mix for me

Master Kev (USA)
Feeling the Vincent Kwok mix the most!! Thanks!

Dario D´Attis (Purple Music, CH)
great Ciappy Mix....lovely Underground vibe....

Mateo & Matos (USA)
Brendon Collins & Vincent Kwok remixes is dope. Will play in our radioshow & gigs.

DJ MFR (San Francisco, USA)
vincent 's is the mix for me. thanks

Luciano (Cadenza)
Thank you for the music.

Manoo (FRA)
Nice remix by Ciappy DJ

Pierre Ravan (Dubai)
When a combination of Quality House Lovers Like Haldo & Henri comes together then its what my KaRavan would love!!! Respect lovely prodcution and energy of miss Ann-P in the house...full support

Sebastian Davidson (NL)
Fantastic Kwok remix!!

Alan Russell (Black Vinyl)
Haldo Original

Soulmagic (Purple Music, DK)
Vincent Kwoks remix is very good. Will support

Paul Lomax (ESP)
nice & usefull deep house release.
support !

Simone Vitullo (Italy)
nice package...

Mr Mike (Map Dance, CH)
Nice one ! Will play. Thanks.

Lorenzo al Dino / 7th District (AUT/ESP)
full support !

Christian Hornbostel (GER)
very nice remix, full support

Juan Ribas (ESP)
Miguel Garji & Viana Remix for me. love it!

Mark Picchiotti (USA)
great production on the tracks.