House Music is Love 2


  1. Niconé - Burnhain
  2. Audiowhores feat. Stee Downes - Facts (Noirs Raw Club Cut)
  3. Chasing Kurt - From The Inside (Lovebirds Forte Piano Mix)
  4. Mousse T., Boris Jennings - Brother On The Run (The Reflex Dub Mix)
  5. Junior Sanchez & Alexander Technique - So In Love (Original Mix)
  6. Full Intention - I´ll Be
  7. Todd Terry vs. Simone Vitullo feat. Lady Vale - Bounce To The Beat ((Italy) Remix)
  8. Namy feat. Josh Milan - From Now On (Namy Remix)
  9. Africanism All Stars produced by Liquid People - Love Is The Answer
  10. Sam Skilz & Roland Clark – Resist
  11. Ministers De-La-Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown - Believe (Ministers Vocal Mix)
  12. Hardsoul feat. Forrest - Sacrifice (Main Album Mix)
  13. Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P - Rhythm (Alfred Azzetto & Christian Hornbostel Dub Mix)
  14. Winx - How´s The Music (Funky Fever)
  15. Paskal & Urban Absolutes - Take the Fall feat. Pete Josef (Manuel Tur Remix)
  16. Dario D´ Attis - The Good Old Days
  17. Ricky Montanari - I Need You
  18. Falomir! feat Pablo Revuelta - Chiquillo (Jozik Afro Deep Mix)
  19. Michelle Owen & Kruse & Nuernberg - We Find Deep (Original Mix)
  20. Kraak & Smaak - The Future is Yours (Detroit Swindle Revox)
  21. Jeff Bennett - The Riddle (Solomun Remix)
  22. DJ Pierre - Fall
  23. Maxim Lany & Katorski - Lowlife
  24. SE62 - True Force
  25. Garnier - Bang (The Underground Doesn't Stop)
  26. Blakkat - Blakkat (Ruthless Re-Edit)
  27. Robert Babicz - Bensberg
  28. 51 Days - Paper Moon

Album Reviews

We proudly present House Music Is Love Vol.2. It all started in the 80 through disco and soul influences from the 70s and for a long time it was the music of the underground that gave joy to the Househeads, but did not find the attention of the mainstream. In 2014 House Music, especially Deep House has certainly reached the mainstream. Pop artists use house producers to get back into the top seller business,Commercials have a four-to-the-floor beat, DJs who were known as Trance DJs before, are now Deep House DJs and kids take dancing lessons to house music, instead of doing the waltz. We are certainly not unhappy that the music we love has a big audience now. To showcase our love and to prove that you can still be down with the underground and get the masses dancing, we bring you the 2CD compilation “House Music is Love Vol.2”. It was compiled and mixed by Henri Kohn, who is an active member of the House Scene since the early 90s. He never was a friend of stereotyped thinking and added all quality styles of house music to his friendlist, ages before social networks were invented. For him it was always all about full range and the love for the music and not about different styles or limitations. CD1 spreads the love through Deep, Soulful, Peaktime, Oldschool and Classic House tunes. It features the who-is-who of various House genres. The mix starts the deep piano smasher “Burnhain” by the infamous Niconé. Followed by Noir´s much talked about “Raw Club Cut” of “Facts” by Audiowhores feat. Stee Downes. “Lovebirds Forte Piano Mix” of Chasing Kurt´s “From The Inside”, which is one of the most hyped tunes on Ibiza this summer, is on board as well as “The Reflex Dub Mix” of Mousse T. & Boris Jennings “Brother On The Run”, Full Intention´s “I´ll Be” and the brand-new remix of Namy feat. Josh Milan´s “From Now On”. Todd Terry´s Oldschool evergreen “Bounce To The Beat” get´s revisited by Italian heavyweight Simone Vitullo and Leon, while Roland Clark´s anthem “Resist” has been skilfully transmitted into 2014 by Sam Skilz. Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P teamed up with their Italian friends Haldo, Alfred Azzetto & Christian Hornbostel to deliver their definition of a proper House rhythm and the Dutch maestros from Hardsoul define how they sacrifice themselves to House Music. Furthermore the first disc features tracks by Junior Sanchez & Alexander Technique, as well as the Classic House evergreens “Love Is The Answer” by Liquid People on Bob Sinclair´s 90s House imprint Africanism, Ministers De-La-Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown´s “Believe” and How´s The Music by Winx (Josh Wink). CD 2 spreads the love a bit more in the Deep House way. It kicks of with the outstanding Manuel Tur remix of “Take the Fall” by Paskal & Urban Absolutes feat. Pete Josef. The global club hit “The Good Old Days” by Dario D´ Attis is on this silver disc, followed by Ricky Montanari´s “I Need You”, which reminisces about the classic piano and strings House days. Falomir!, Pablo Revuelta and Jozik dive deep into the Balearic House mood, while Michelle Owen & Kruse & Nuernberg describe the Hip House way how they find their way into deepness. Dutch superstars Kraak & Smaak are on board with the much hyped “Detroit Swindle Revox” of “The Future is Yours”. The Swede Jeff Bennett got remixed by Solomun, who currently runs his famous “+1” events at Pacha Ibiza. The Belgian Deep House scene is represented by Maxim Lany & Katorski and there is also an exclusive track on CD2: “True Force” by SE62 was until now only available on vinyl. French House & Techno super hero Laurent Garnier is on board with his track “Bang (The Underground Doesn't Stop)”, as well the classic track “Fall” by the legendary DJ Pierre from NYC, who was the inventor of the Wild Pitch House sound. Talking about classic, we also have Blakkat on board and the inspirational tune from the 90s “Paper Moon” by 51 Days. Robert Babicz´s track “Bensberg“ can´t be missing and is supposed to represent the love for the Hood! Over 140 minutes of extremely danceable House Music sounds with a positive message! Love that is!