Passion Lounge



  1. Shizu – Yasashii Kimochi - Angel Heart
  2. Nova Nova - Sweet Eiffel
  3. Enigmatic - Moodswing
  4. Mauro Bizzotto - Marinera
  5. Eddie Silverton - Because
  6. Naoki Kenji with Pat Appleton - Modern Unreal
  7. La Ninfa - Dubdriver
  8. Lenny Ibizarre - A Drop In The Ocean
  9. Jar-E - Belleza
  10. Tarek & Ramirez - Da Hora
  11. Mustafa ft Elisangela - Vem Quente Que Eu Estou Fervendo
  12. Kaledj - Summer In Love
  13. Acos CoolKAs feat. Metropoliz - Miracle (Dima Promo & Elastic Sound Remix)
  14. Ensemble Du Verre ft Ursula Rucker – Just Another Thursday Morning
  15. Villablue - A Morning Like This
  16. Magic Waves feat. Magica Fe - Changing
  17. Climatic - Che Cos`e
  18. Steinschlepper - Sailing
  19. Stalker Studio feat. Disdishdance & Karlof – We Should Fall (The Duet)
  20. Hanna feat. Gere - I’m Lovin’ You
  21. Jens Buchert - Indiaka
  22. Eriq Johnson - Femme Fatale
  23. Haldo feat. Loryn - Thinking About
  24. Da Cruz - Depois Do Aplauso
  25. T& Masson - Do You Believe
  26. Zilverzurf feat. Desmond Foster - Number Two

Album Reviews

Even the dancemusic dons here at Clubstar can´t dance 24/7. To get the right balance in between we are also enjoying the beauty of downtempo music.
To brighten up your days on the beach, your yoga lessons, or simply the quality bedtime at home we are bringing you now this double compilation called Passion Lounge. CD1 starts with Shizu´s “Yasashii Kimochi” which is Japanese and means angel heart. From Japan we are heading towards Paris where Nova Nova is making amour to your ears in form of their song “Sweet Eiffel”. It´s getting passionate in the Balearic beach style with songs by Enigmatic, “Marinera” by Mauro Bizzotto, Eddie Silverton (alias Jeff Bennett), Naoki Kenji with Pat Appleton (the voice of De-Phazz), La Ninfa & Ibiza resident Lenny Ibizarre. Then it is turning exotic in the loving bossa way with Jar-E. Brazilian heat is spread by Tarek & Ramirez from Rio and Mustafa ft Elisangela, before Kaleddj from Italy takes us back to the waves and the ocean and last but not least Acos CoolKas from Russia shows us that even songs with a 4/4 beat can relax your inner soul. CD 2 keeps it smooth and starts with a song by Ensemble du Verre that is featuring non-other than the mighty spoken word diva Ursula Rucker. Villablue then prove that mornings don’t necessarily have to be melancholic, while Magic Waves praise the useful changes in life. Climatic spread amore again on this silver disc, while the mighty Steinschlepper (aka Can7) takes us to the beach again. Stalker Studio prove that it doesn’t need more than great voices and a piano to touch you with a duet, while Hanna and Gere bring some sweaty R´n´B flavour to this selection. Jens Buchert keeps the passion level high, before Eriq Johnson praises the women. Haldo spreads some love from Rome together with the sweet voice of Loryn, Da Cruz bring back the Portuguese passion on this second disc and T & Masson wants to know in a dubbed out way if you really do believe. The last song belongs to Zilverzurf and Desmond Foster who bring us passion the reggae way. The double compilation is compiled & smoothly mixed by Clubstar A&R Henri Kohn.
Enjoy the music and let it touch you !