Seven Lounge – 2CD (Ristorante Seven, Ascona – CH) (Compiled by Henri Kohn)



  1. Desansis - First Song
  2. Island Groove - Sunlight
  3. Enigmatic - Seaside
  4. Deeper Sublime & Krapan - La Music sei tu
  5. Steinschlepper - Sailing
  6. Merge of Equals - Kleine Wolke
  7. Mystic Diversions - Float on (White Beach Mix)
  8. Espresso del Lago - The world is ours
  9. Desansis - White Lounge
  10. Enigmatic - Espresso
  11. Climatic - For no reason at all
  12. Desansis - Indias Night
  13. Dubdiver - Rondo Ratchaburi
  14. Rocket Empire - Simmer down Jammie
  15. Karen Ramirez - Looking for love (Kevin Yost Remix)
  16. Larse - My Mind
  17. Sebastian Ingrosso - Laktos
  18. The Transatlatins ft India - Can´t live without music (Angel Manuel?s Gruv Dub)
  19. James Talk & Ridney ft Lenny Fontana & Jason Walker - What you need
  20. Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke ft Deborah Cox - Leave the world behind
  21. Fragma - Toca´s Miracle (Inpetto Remix)
  22. Phunk Investigation ft Kwesi - Promised Land (De Melero & Jacobson Promised Fun Remix)
  23. Brazilian Soul Crew - Brazilian Soul (Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix)
  24. Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia della Notte
  25. Echo Motel - Piano Anthem (Bertie Bassett Silouette Mix)
  26. Weekend Warriors - Getting High (Audiowhores Remix)
  27. Kidcult - Paris Jamaica (Dudu Nahas Remix)
  28. Chelonis R Jones - Pompadour




Album Reviews

Seven Lounge
Finest Lounge & House Pleasures - Compiled & Mixed by Henri Kohn
Who has not heard about the picturesque village right on the edge of the Lago Maggiore lake in the south of Switzerland?
Since a few years there is a contemporary, urban alternative for the mostly traditional bars and taverns that have engraved the picture of ascona, the Ristorante Seven, Ristorante Seven Easy, Seven Asia, Seven Sealounge and the luxury Seven Apartments.
The Seven is an oasis fort he senses, a place for pleasure, encounters and joy. Exclusive cuisine, wine culture, architecture, ambience, sounddesign and the unique location at the lake and in the old town of Ascona create a modern overall experience of the upper class. The orientation is cosmopolitan, open minded and young. The host Ivo Adam is repeated world champion of cooking and one of the most famous and imaginative restaurateurs of Switzerland.
The cuisine of the Seven is crossover and experimental, regional and exotic, creative and always fresh from the market. Family Breuer runs, together with the young celebrity chef and manager Ivo Adam the restaurants in Ascona. Clubstar snd the Seven Group proudly present the first cd compilation of the Ristorante Seven. CD1 -- Seven Lazy Lounge -- features like you can guess by the name relaxed downbeat- & lounge-music. Perfect for a fancy dinner, or for relaxing at the Seven Sea Lounge, which is located right at the lake, next to the small marina of Ascona. During the summer you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Lago Maggiore with view on the Piazza, old town and the Brissago-isles. Of course you can also use the beauty of the downbeat music for relaxed moments at home, yoga training, or just for quality time in bed. CD1 features relaxed songs by artists like Desansis, Merge Of Equals, Mystic Diversions, Espresso Del Lago and Dubdiver. At the end we spoil you with a danceable evergreen by Karen Ramirez.
CD2 Seven House Pleasures -- features the extremely danceable house sound of the hour and is perfect for acceleration after lounging
and the soundtrack for the hot weekend nights at the Seven Sea Lounge. The journey begins with "My Mind" by Larse. Tracks by Roger Sanchez (together with DJ Oliver as Transatlatins), James Talks remake of the Lenny Fontana classic "What you need" and the Swedish House Mafia around Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso & Steve Angello, Laidback Luke follow. The megahit and classic "Toca?s Miracle" is on board, as well as the remake of the house classic "Promised Land", the summerbreeze "Brazilian Soul" and the current dancechart hit "Sinfonia della Notte" by the New Yorker don Dennis Ferrer. Towards the end the sound gets a little deeper/smoother with tracks by bignames like Chelonis R. Jones and Jody Wisternoff. Both cds of the Seven Lounge compilation are non-stop DJ mixes by Clubstar A&R and Lago Maggiore lover Henri Kohn, who is also responsible for the tracklisting. Henri Kohn is exclusively deejaying every friday and saturday night during the summer at the Seven Sea Lounge. Now Enjoy relaxing and dancing to the finest Lounge & House Pleasures! Salute!