Sunset Pearls – Ibiza Edition


  1. The Blue Monk - Cast Away
  2. Groovecatcher - Groove Diving
  3. Michael E - Poolside
  4. No Solution - Silent Escape
  5. Black Zone Ensemble - Suburban Sunset
  6. Enigmatic - Orange Blue
  7. Monodeluxe - Just Chilling
  8. Christophe Goze - Memory Of You
  9. Sven van Hees - How Dracula Got This GrooveBack (Original Album Mix)
  10. Channel Two - If You Love Me - feat. Ming Xia & N’FA Nofixedabode
  11. ReUnited - Sing It Back (Shazz Man Chill Mix)
  12. JeanMare - Night Move (Lounge Groove Cut)
  13. SteveF. - Blushing
  14. Larse& Fish - Pez Gordo
  15. BrunoBe & Eddie M – Woodwind
  16. So Phat! - Fading
  17. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver - Sunset(DJ T. Remix)
  18. Mark E - We Could Love feat. Robert Owens(Vocal)
  19. Mr Raoul K - Sierra Leone (Deetron Mixdown)
  20. Jonny Cade - Dotty Hook Up (Pol_On For TheLazy Days Remix)
  21. Rick Wade - Emotional Conclusion
  22. Leach & Lezizmo - Piano Bay
  23. Milan Euringer & Tube & Berger -Lovebreak (Original)
  24. Berny - Such A Feeling
  25. Frankey & Sandrino - We Are All Dust (Marcus Worgull Edit)
  26. Jay‘Sinister’ Séalee & Louie Vega starring Julie McKnight - Bittersweet (Jay’sMain Event)
  27. Rassek- Riders On The Storm (Original Mix)
  28. 51 Days -Tracktion
  29. Ben Westbeech - Summer's Loss

Album Reviews

We proudly present „Sunset Pearls – Ibiza Edition”. The double CD compilation is the perfect soundtrack for the summer. As the name implies the album delivers musical pearls for sunsets on the Balearic island. CD1, is the lounge side. It includes 15 titles which will cool down your senses after the heat of the day. The mix begins with the sound of the beach and Balearic guitars by The Blue Monk, followed by Groovecatcher´s „Groove Diving“, which lets you dive into the deepness of sound and the spherical „Silent Escape“ by NoSolution. The Black Zone Ensemble delivers its definition of a “Suburban Sunset” and Enigmatic´s “Orange Blue” describes in a musical way how the sun slowly sinks into the ocean. Furthermore there are titles by Monodeluxe, Christophe Goze and the Belgian sound pioneer Sven van Hees on CD1. Channel Two present a sunshine reggae tune and ReUnited a terrific remake of the Moloko evergreen „Sing it Back“. The CD continues with tracks by Jean Mare and Steve F. Larse & Fish serve a deep, big, musical fish and last but not least the two Brazilians Bruno Be & Eddie M bring us slowly into the evening mood. CD 2, is the deep house side. It features 14 titles and keeps the relaxed mood of the first CD.
The mix fades slowly from day to night and begins proverbial with „Fading“ by So Phat! It slowly gets dark on the Balearic Island and this isgenerally known as time to dance. The DJ T.remix of „Sunset“, the collaboration between the „voice of house“ Robert Owens and Mark E. and the Deetron remix of „Sierra Leone“ follow. The Pol_On remix of Jonny Cade´s „Dotty Hook Up“, „Emotional Conclusion“ by the Detroit legend Rick Wade and the Belgians Leach & Lezizmo with “Piano Bay” are on board. The massive club hit „Lovebreak“, which was number one in almost every deep house charts for weeks, by Milan Euringer & Tube & Berger can be found onthis CD, as well as Berny with „Such A Feeling“ and the Marcus Worgull edit of „We Are All Dust“. Furthermore the vocal anthem „Bittersweet” by Jay ‘Sinister’ Séalee & Louie Vega starring Julie McKnight and the fabulous deep house remake of The Doors classic „Riders On The Storm“ are on this silver disc. Also a Balearic classic from 1994 is included: „Tracktion“ by 51 Days. The second discof „Sunset Pearls – Ibiza Edition“ ends with „Summer´s Loss“ by UK´s soul darling Ben Westbeech and reminds us that after each summer comes a winter. The double compilation was compiled and mixed by Henri Kohn, who is not only an expert for chilled Balearic music and deep house due to his radio show on Ibiza Global Radio.
„SunsetPearls – Ibiza Edition” will bring you joy during the day and at night and certainly much longer than for this summer! Feel the spirit !