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„D“ has got to stand for Detroit. House was born in Chicago and Techno in Detroit. For me it always belonged together. The founding fathers were
Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Juan Atkins. Besides them producers and DJs that influenced me are Theo Parrish, Blake Baxter, Carl Craig (already mentioned under „B“ & „C“), Kenny Larkin, Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, Robert Hood, Octave One, Daniel Bell / DBX, Drexciya, Moodyman and labels like Metroplex, KMS Records, Underground Resistance, Axis Records, Transmat and also Plus 8, which was from Canada.
„D“ also stands for the Dance Mania label, the mother of Basement Sound, Dave Clarke, Dave Lee (aka Joey Negro), Delirium Recordstore, David Morales, Danny Krivit and DP42, a club in Cologne, with only strobe and fog machine, where i played Techno in the early 90s. Bigup to Benway from Kitbuilders!

The Spotiy and Youtube Playlists are updated with „D“!

„E“ is coming up next week!