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„H“ stands for Henry Street Music, Hardrive, DJ Hell, Heller & Farley,
Henrik Schwarz, Herb Alpert, Herbie Hancock, Hot Lizard, DJ HMC, H-Foundation
and many others.
Certainly „H“ stands for Hardfloor aka Oliver Bondzio & Ramon Zenker.
Ramon is an extraordinary producer and great guy, who i know since
back in the day. And I still remember the „B2B“ DJ sessions together with
Oliver at the Discopolitain Club in Cologne´s Roonburg, where we played one
Chicago basement style track after the other. I first heard Oliver play in
the early 90s at Cologne´s Warehouse, where i danced my ass of to his sets,
especially at the Highnoon parties on sunday afternoon.

Check out their tunes in the Spotiy and Youtube playlists!

„I“ is coming up next week!