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The House Lexikohn kohntinues with „M“. A letter where astonishingly many stories come into my mind. „M“ stands for the Musicman Record store, where i started working after school in the early nineties. I was buying vinyls there since i was 15 years old. Owned by the unique german dance music pionier Gottfried Engels (RiP) and under the leadership of the non less unique Andrea Engels. With her i shared my sandwhiches, which i saved in school, so i did not have to buy any more food and could spend all my money on new vinyls. „M“ also stands for Mike Dunn. I was a fan of his music since back in the oldschool days. We booked him to one of our parties in Cologne in 2000 and i was playing before him. Actually he felt asleep, i guess because of the jetlag, but woke up when i played his tune „God made me funky“, jumped up and grabbed the microphone and perfomred the whole lyrics live over my vinyl. House can cause goose bumps fo sho! „M“ also stands for Mass Order. I heard Teddy Douglas of the Basement Boys once play in London and when he droped „Lift every voice“ the whole crowd was singing the tune. Gotta love those brits! „M“ has got to stand also for Michael Jackson. In 1982 my dad brought me the „Thriller“ album from a television fair, where he got it from a colleague from CBS. This was my first 12″ vinyl. What my first 7″ vinyl was will be revealed when the Lexikohn comes to „R“. „M“ also stands for the Murk Boys aka Oscar G and Ralph Falcon from Miami. In 1996 the Marlboro DJ Academy was held and the Murk Boys were the judges in Cologne. I specifically played „High Up“ from the Funky Green Dogs and surprisingly the Murk Boys said i was their favorite 🙂 Anyway i became second in the end, due to a strange public voting system in the last round. But it brought my a dj residency at the Vanity Club in the Neuschwanstein in Cologne.
Furthermore „M“ stands for Mood2Swing, Minimal Man, Mark Broom, Mateo & Matos, Masters At Work (see „K“ & „L“), Maurizio, Metro Area, Michelle Weeks, Miguel Migs (see „B“), Mike Delgado, Mike Ink, Mike Huckaby, Moloko, Moodyman (see „D“), Motorbass, Mousse T, Mr. V, Murk, Marmion, Martin Buttrich, Marvin Gaye, Heike M/S/O (RiP), M&S, Mary Jane Girls and many others. But now back to the music….

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